Rishad is a prolific writer and in addition to his highly followed Re-Inventing Blog, he is working on his first book tentatively titled  "The Story and The Spreadsheet"  

Rishad's new book is expected to be published in Fall 2019 globally with Harper Collins publishing in the English Language and Shanghai Nook in Mandarin. Spanish language rights are being negotiated at this time.

The Story and the Spreadsheet's central idea is to illustrate how companies and individuals can embrace the promise of digital technology without losing the powerful human quality of insight, empathy and creativity. In fact, by fusing the emotion and the data, the story and the spreadsheet. one can develop a truly transformational culture and brand that allow both individuals and firms to grow.

In the meantime you can read Rishad on his blog or get a flavor of the advice the book will provide by watching this video: