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“Keynote Speaker at USA Swimming”; Jacksonville, FL

“Only the schizophrenic will thrive” Keynote to the Radio Advertising Bureau; Orlando, FL

Rishad is a globally renowned speaker provoking and inspiring companies to remain relevant in a transformative world.  

Rishad has been a key note speaker at events around the world for major marketers like Procter and Gamble, Heineken, Delta, technology platforms like Amazon, Google and Facebook and Industry associations such as USA Swimming, IAB, RAB, ANA and 4A's .

I know many of you enjoy the wit and wisdom of marketing gurus like Seth Godin, Simon Sinek, and Gary Vee. And I love them all, too.But for my money, Tobaccowala’s observations about our industry – media – are second to none. He’s sharp, incisive, and insightful.
— Fred Jacobs. President Jacobs Media.
The Rishad Effect was in full force. Perspectives broadened, truths revealed, and minds blown. How do I keep him from talking to anyone else so only we get the benefit?
— Doug Ryan. President RR Donnelly Digital.
Rishad has a uncanny ability to connect with his audience in a way that you feel as if you are having a one on one conversation. He was able to crystallize the unprecedented change we are experiencing in our world and its impact on us as people and business leaders. Our team is truly better prepared to operate in this dynamic marketplace.
— Rob Sundy, Sr. Director, Brand & Marketing Services. Whirlpool Corporation.
Thank you Rishad for a unique, insightful, focused, PowerPoint-free President’s Lecture on today’s communication complexity with analyses, alternate strategies and relevant spins for our diverse audience from all creative industries. I’m sure the minutes long applause is still in your ears.
Please be back soon.
— Michael Conrad. President. Berlin School of Creative Leadership.
I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Rishad for over ten years. He always brings sage advice and a fresh perspective. I’ve been fortunate to hear him speak to clients (including the Procter & Gamble) and agency and marketing leaders addressing a range of business topics.

He never disappoints as a rapt audience clings to his views on the future and suggestions on ways to evolve. Rishad always provides a clear framework to his thoughts and ideas. When people want to understand the changing landscape - be it business, marketing or advertising - Rishad is always on the shortlist.
— Marla Kaplowitz, CEO of American Association of Advertising Agencies
Rishad’s ability to weave a story, draw metaphors, inject new knowledge plus deliver insightful thinking and impact, draws audiences in rapt attention. Additionally, on stage he is likeable and humorous -
two qualities very important for our, at times challenging and slightly cynical audiences.
— Barry Frey, President & CEO of DPAA
Rishad never gets to the fringe of things. Rishad’s greatest strength as a speaker is he always tells people what they NEED to hear, especially when they DON’T WANT to hear it.
— Mike Donahue, Association of National Advertisers

“Each year, Hubbard Broadcasting looks for the most inspiring and insightful speakers to speak to the senior management team. Rishad was not only inspiring and insightful, but was able to effectively engage our team and challenge us to think outside the box. The feedback I received after Rishad’s presentation was overwhelmingly positive and a great way for us to start off our year. Thank you!”
— Mike Fredrick. VP Hubbard Broadcasting.